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Let's talk business technology...

The Customer Experience is Changing

When you try to conjure up an image of life in 2020, does it seem like you will use a mobile device ...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

New Business Technologies Being Used By Major Restaurant Chains

The restaurant industry has had to change somewhat from the days of relying strictly on sit-down cus...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Rise of Delivery Apps in Restaurants

Running a restaurant today poses far more hurdles to overcome than ever, even though you can find so...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

5 Ways AI Is Helping Business

Artificial intelligence is changing the possibilities and the expectations of business. It's taking ...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 4 minutes

Google Vies with Other Tech Giants to Become Leader of the Voice First Revolution

According to a recent article by Recode, voice search made up twenty percent of all mobile queries i...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

Mobile Technology Trends for 2018: Why You'll Need Mobile Device Management

The world of mobile technology is growing so fast that you've perhaps lost sight of what's needed to...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reflecting On 2017 and Anticipating 2018 Business Technology

As time progresses and knowledge advances through research, the business industry continues to witne...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Importance of Information Security

Given the dynamic nature of our current economy, a business needs to make quick, intelligent and sou...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 2 minutes

Retail is About to Take on Facial Recognition Tech

The retail sector continues to grow and become more competitive, yet available technology helps keep...
Davis Pack Reading Time: 3 minutes

SAP Announces RemoteWare End of Life

RemoteWare End-Of-Life
Elizabeth Greenberg Reading Time: 2 minutes

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