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Published on 11/9/20 11:01 AM

Enterprise Mobility Solutions With Zebra Mobile Computing

In order to succeed in today’s digitally connected world, company leaders are seeking to equip their enterprises' with the proper tools,  needed to complete work tasks unique to their companies with greater speed and efficiently. Mobile computing hardware and software tools are the modern solutions that can help raise your enterprises' performance to meet present day demands.

Remoterelief is proud to be a Partner with Zebra Technologies, offering a range of mobile computer design forms to equip your workers for all use cases—from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers. Running on Windows® or Android™ operating systems, Zebra’s mobile computers feature robust built-in software intelligence that enables your workers to perform at their best, day in and day out.

Handheld computers

With a Zebra enterprise mobile computer in hand, workers can access information, applications and people they need to get the job done in real time. The result of this is productivity goes way up and your customers experience is able to provide a better overall service because of this.

Mobile Software Computing

Mobile Application Utilities - Incorporate productivity-enhancing functionalities, such as barcode scanning, RFID tag reading, signature and other image capture with a suite of mobile application development solutions.

Enterprise Browser - Built from the ground up around best-in-class development practices and designed to support new operating systems and devices to cater a custom experience for your enterprise.

Custom Enterprise Home Screen - Enterprise Home Screen makes it easy to ensure that your enterprise devices are utilized only for work. In just a few easy steps, you can create single-purpose devices that will run only one application or define which applications and features are available to users, or groups of users, who use Zebra Android mobile computers – all without requiring a developer.

As the world gets more and more connected, consumers as well as your workers, expect faster service, more customization, and ease of use. To satisfy your customers and gain a competitive advantage, enable the front line and back-end of your enterprise with business solutions that drive better, faster and smarter performance.

Zebra hardware, software, supplies and services empower you to:

  • Connect your people, assets and data
  • Gain new operational visibility
  • Make better business decisions in real time
  • Speed up work
  • Improve accuracy
  • Transform the customer experience


Remoterelief is a certified Zebra Partner, VMware Partner, & RemoteLink Partner, specializing in deployment, remote management, and secure operational data movement of endpoints for retail, and other product and service environments.

Zebra has become the industry leader for front line devices and contact-less solutions, empowering those on the front line of retail, healthcare, transportation/logistics, manufacturing and many other industries to achieve that performance edge, that in term translates to delighted customers, fantastic client outcomes and superior business results.

RemoteLink is a remarkable SaaS system built using modern tools and techniques with a focus on minimizing server resources, limiting points of failure, and optimizing performance, all while supporting hundreds of simultaneous connections per server. It's easily installed and configured, and can be implemented and deployed to help transition from legacy systems and solve new operational data movement challenges quickly and efficiently. To learn more about remote link click here to speak with a RemoteLink specialist.

Sometimes an IT department doesn't have enough digital workspace expertise on its staff to create and maintain these changes, deployments and integrations. Remoterelief's subject matter experts, specialize in assisting clients in setup, deployment, and remote management of your enterprises' vital and important data and physical endpoints.  


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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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