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Published on 7/17/20 11:35 AM

Database Administration for the Modern Age

We cant hide the fact that we are living in the middle of the internet explosion era, data has evolved to a point where mere megabytes of space went from using entire rooms to now having terabytes of data that can fit in your pocket. Transmission of this data is now instant and updated constantly in real-time; with this much influx of data everywhere there has to be a way to organize the needed data, so that it can be called upon for a later time. This is where the wonderful tool of databases come into play.

As we know a database is a collection of data that is organized in order to be easily accessed, managed, and updated. In the case of digital databases, typically contain aggregations of data records and/or files containing information about sales transactions or interactions with specific customers. In order for an enterprise to call upon this data when needed there needs to be a system in place that 1. Stores & organize data on a server/database 2. A way to update & retrieve that data.

Welcome the DBA (Database Administrator.) The DBA executes a series of SQL statements, that are used to generate queries from a client program to the database. This can allow the users to execute a wide range of fast data manipulation. Simply put, SQL is the main language that allows your database servers to store and edit the data on it.

Remote Relief can provide you with tools on your server to setup sessions that will execute customized scripts, specifically on Point of Sale systems. Some of the tasks that can be achieved through automating this process are:

  • Backup - All Databases Full Backup (daily)
  • Check database integrity (daily)
  • Reorganize index (daily)
  • Update statistics (Weekly)
  • Rebuild index (weekly)
  • Maintenance cleanup (daily)

Sometimes an IT department doesn't have enough digital workspace expertise on its staff to create and maintain these integrations. RemoteRelief has SQL, SQL Database, and RemoteLink subject matter experts (SME), who aid clients in setting up and automating these types of processes. If you would like more information, subscribe to our tech blogs. If you are interested in a demonstration or learning more about operational data movement, RemoteLink features, database administration, automation and reporting capabilities click here to speak with an SQL SME.


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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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