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Published on 9/3/20 11:59 AM

Strengthen Your Front-line with Zebra Tech

We are witnessing a rapid change in societal norms, from how we conduct business all the way down to our personal interactions. Offices, schools and non-essential businesses began closing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. People around the world were ordered to stay home; life could have stopped completely, yet it didn’t It just changed, thanks to technology. Pre virus, many of us were happy to frequent a supermarket, chatting to the person at the checkout lane, never thinking twice about touching the keypad to checkout at the point of sale. Yet here we are roughly 6 months later, people are now significantly more cautious, limiting interaction with others in retail settings due to social distancing rules. Rather than face-to-face contact, people are now opting to pay or access stores using self-service retail technologies.  As a result, the kiosk marketplace is rapidly growing, so much so that if your enterprise has a physical location you should be be highly considering implementing.

The Kiosk Revolution

From supermarkets, and fuel stations, to airports and hospitals, kiosks are being implemented with great success in streamlining efficiency.  For example, they can help people safely navigate the fastest route to a gate, which can sometimes prove difficult in huge international airports like JFK, LAX, Heathrow or etc. Kiosks have really changed the game in many ways, how we interact with the world around us, and is critical going forward to, at the very least, be educated in the benefits they can offer.

In-Store Operations

Kiosks are not the only device that's creating a buzz. Zebra Technologies provides a myriad of devices specifically aimed at streamlining back-house operations. Optimizing store operations is paramount, and with Zebra you are able to to so with full control of all valued assets, including: inventory, staff, and facility equipment management. Purpose-driven in-store solutions like staff enablement (devices given to staff to better service customers and streamline work), and price management.

Point of Sales Solutions are the fuel delivery system for your retail establishment(s), these Fixed and Mobile points are what take in your enterprises' revenue. Zebra’s fixed and mobile point of sale solutions allow for increases in efficiency that shrink lines, reduce hang ups and keep customers coming back again and again, even at peak hours because ease of checkout is that quick and painless. Zebra helps deliver a performance advantage that strengthens the front lines of retail store operations.

Remote Relief is a certified Zebra Partner, specializing in deployment, remote management, and secure data movement of endpoints in retail environments; helping enterprises' better streamline workflows and securing vital data.  Zebra has become the industry leader for front line devices, both fixed and mobile, empowering those on the front line of retail, healthcare, transportation/logistics, manufacturing and many other industries to achieve that performance edge, that in term translates to delighted customers, fantastic client outcomes and superior business results.

If you would like more information, subscribe to our tech blogs. If you are interested in a demonstration or learning more about operational data movement, managed mobility, RemoteLink features, database administration, automation and reporting capabilities click here to speak with an SQL SME.


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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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