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Published on 5/19/20 2:32 PM

Optimizing the Digital Workspace Experience

Lets start by defining what is a Digital work-space? They provide users with a customized portal that offers access to applications, data storage, remote access to fixed & mobile devices, software-as-a-service apps (SaaS), files and other resources.

VMware, for example, has a digital workspace offering that aims to customize and simplify access to all user-facing resources on a single interface in the form of their VMware Workspace One. 

The workspace experience for users

A few years ago, users would access virtualized applications and desktops via one method, SaaS apps with another, and other resources in a variety of other ways; users had to navigate through shared network drives or SharePoint sites to find bits and pieces of information they needed. This process was especially challenging for new employees. Now, with the transition to digital workspaces, users have a centralized, custom portal for each user that includes frequently accessed applications, folders and workflows.

User Perspective

From the user perspective, it's very helpful to have one personalized and customized portal for all resources. The digital workspace keeps the most relevant resources easily accessible for users. This centralization allows users to spend less time navigating between applications or files and more time performing tasks. When a workspace is properly deployed and operating, it can help simplify users' workflows and improve overall productivity by providing all resources in a safe, centralized controlled area.


From an administrative perspective, there are many moving parts that comprise a digital workspace. The primary component is the presentation of virtualized applications and resources, which the workspace generates based on individual and/or group memberships. Thankfully this aspect of workspace administration is relatively easy to overcome because VMware has mature and trusted technology to support it. 

There are other aspects of workspace administration that are a little more complicated, such as software as a service (SaaS) app and micro application management. The workspace adds these applications to the customized interface for each user referred to by VMware as the intelligent HUB.

Sometimes an IT department doesn't have enough digital workspace expertise on its staff to create and maintain these integrations. Remote Relief's MMS (Managed Mobility Services) subject matter experts, specialize in assisting clients in setup, deployment, and remote management of companies mobile and fixed devices through VMware Workspace One, RemoteHelp, & Carbon Black Cloud. If you would like more information about Remote Relief and our services, please subscribe to our tech blogs. If you are interested in a demonstration or learning more about Remote Mobile Device Management, UEM features, benefits, and complete device management capabilities click here to speak with an MMS Specialist.


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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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