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Published on 5/6/20 11:13 AM

RemoteLink 3.5 R2 is Now Available

RemoteLink 3.5 R2 is Now Available Features are as followed:

Key Functional Enhancements

  • A new version of the Interactive Job type enables the execution of Interactive Tasks without Afaria components installed. Legacy versions of Interactive Jobs remain available and are processed by Afaria.  
  • A New Scheduler works in parallel to the Legacy Scheduler that manages Afaria-based Jobs. The Scheduler component is responsible for managing both the upcoming and active Job execution queues. The introduction of the RemoteLink MQT (Message Queue Transport) in v3.1, along with the ability to execute certain Job types independent of Afaria, drove the creation of the New Scheduler that is optimized to work with these updated functions.
  • An enhanced Session Log format is available for some Jobs, including Interactive Jobs and Client (Legacy) Jobs where the Client is running v3.5 and Server Jobs. Improvements include:
    • Labels have been added for values in the summary statements, making them easier to interpret
    • A new hierarchy has been added to file action commands (such as Append, Get, Send, etc.) that leverage paths with multiple files, providing summary counts and an expand/collapse model for viewing dependent files
    • Settings for the Command have been separated below execution date in the expanded details for a summary statement

Additional Improvements

  • General Admin

    • Changes have been made to pages with filtering options, making it easier to perform keyword searches and know when filters are applied
    • More shortcuts have been added to the Action menus in the Configure section
    • A new ‘Copy Job’ option is available
    • The ability to download a zip file of service log files is now available from the Service Logs tab in the System section of Logs
  • System Settings

    • There are now two Minimum Client version settings, one for Windows Clients and one for Java Clients
    • For Client Profiles, a new ‘Maximum File Transfer Rate in Kbps’ setting in available, which applies throttling to file transfers and package download

RemoteLink 3.1 R2 Release Highlights (4/23/2019)

RemoteLink 3.1 Release 2 includes the introduction of Java Client Support, as well as the new "Dashboard" section of the administration console.  

RemoteLink 3.1 Features

Key Functional Enhancements

  • Java Clients are now supported in RemoteLink. These Clients can execute both Client and Client Monitor Jobs. Release notes for a list of supported Client Task commands for Java Clients can be provided upon request.
  • The RemoteLink Message Queue Transport (MQT) has been introduced in a shift from a service-oriented communications framework to a queue-based transport. Specifically, the MQT is responsible for operational communications, such as notifications and registrations.
  • The new "Dashboard" section of the Admin Console allows enhanced system visibility via a tabbed interface, which displays detail regarding four critical sections:
    • Review - Provides an overview of recently completed activity.
    • Monitor - Displays a snapshot of current activity.
    • Configure - Presents statistics relating to defined objects (Clients, Groups, Jobs, Tasks, Packages).
    • Alerts - Offers detail pertaining to Alerts, Actions, and Events.
    • Authorized administrators now have the option to "Share Filters" with other Admin Console users.

Interested In More Information?

Remote Relief has RemoteLink subject matter experts (SME), who aid clients in setting up,  deploying, and automating these types of processes. If you would like more information about Remote Relief, subscribe to our tech blogs. If you are interested in a demonstration or learning more about operational data movement, RemoteLink features, automation and reporting capabilities click here to speak with a RemoteLink SME and schedule a Demo.



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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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