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Published on 3/1/18 4:46 PM

Data Movement for Your Retail Chain: Creating a Web of Better Communication

Managing a retail chain is one of the most challenging business pursuits, and trying to manage data can often lead to chaos. The problem is obviously the growing major influx of data that needs proper management and movement.

Data movement is an ongoing process in your retail stores, but everyone in each department probably thinks of it differently. It's not always about simple data transfer.

One thing for sure is with so many parts of running a retail store, you can't rely on manual processes to move data. Using a platform to make data movement easier is the only way you'll save time to stay competitive.




Moving Sales Data

Most retail stores have various sales departments, requiring data sharing and movement every day. It's possible you've organized your retail store in a way where sales management and their associates manage separate sections of your store, complicating things further.

Since those in sales have to report to the managers, internal communication could end up becoming a jumbled mess. This is especially the case in moving sales data from one place to another.

For retail chains, this is even more complex. With the right software enabling automation and monitoring, you'll know where your sales data is at all times.

Delivery of Inventory Data

Not being able to properly move inventory data from one store location to the next can result in confusion across the entire chain. It's also very risky since you could face inventory shortages that result in suddenly running out of popular products.

Customers aren't going to like making a special trip to your store to find out you won't restock the item for weeks.

Transferring inventory data quickly is essential to a platform using efficient delivery processes.

Transferring Field Maps

You may need to send information to your other retail stores about something occurring around one of the properties. Using field maps, you can send this information so employees have awareness of construction or other exterior issues occurring.

Sending these quickly is essential to avoid confusing everyone on what's going on. Sending out the word to your entire chain of stores would otherwise be impossible if relying strictly on email or phone calls.

Sending Data Files From Software

Most of the data you manage occurs in software, and you'll often need to send large file transfers to managers at your other stores. Can you guarantee the process you have in place ensures fast delivery?

Some internet browsers are too slow to handle such large data files. These large transfers of data are just one-third of what makes up typical data movement. This usually comprises regular data delivery, managed file transfers, and then large transfers.

It's time to find a platform bringing a faster method for sending large data files from software you use.

Configuration and Media Files

The types of files you'll need to send can often become complicated. For instance, you may need to send configuration files to all your employees to alert them of initial settings in your computer programs.

Simply emailing them this information to multiple store locations may mean not everyone getting the message. Some people wait hours to open their emails, creating a potential headache in lack of unity.

It's the same with media files and sending essential information employees need to see in real-time. Whether it's a video or some other important content, you want everyone to see it instantaneously without delays.

Since media content can often mean a large file transfer, it's time again to pursue a platform making it easier to transfer.

Here at RemoteRelief, we have platforms available to help make this work simply. RemoteLink is the solution you're looking for, though only the beginning of what we offer.

Visit our website to find out more about RemoteLink, including AirWatch for superior mobile management.


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