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Published on 3/9/20 12:45 PM

RemoteLink Job Assigning and Unassigning using PowerShell, and SQL Server


With RemoteLink, an enterprise can now automate clients assignment and/or un-assign to a particular group on the fly.

RemoteLink can run a PowerShell script and SQL Server scripts to perform DML statements against the RemoteLink database. This way, the enterprise has the option to manipulate the tables and data according to their requirements.

RemoteRelief utilizes RemoteLink so an enterprise can execute the script on the RemoteLink server and update the table that is being used by the RemoteLink application to add or remove a client from a session / group.


How do you do this?

The enterprise’s operation team will provide a list of clients that need to be removed or added to a group. RemoteRelief will create a RemoteLink session, a PowerShell script, and a SQL Server script for that environment. These components will be added to the enterprise’s RemoteLink server. RemoteRelief will ask you to execute the SQL Server script against the RemoteLink database to create a Stored Procedure the first time only. Once all of these configurations are completed, the enterprise can either schedule the RemoteLink session or execute it on demand. You will still need to update the clients list as needed.


RemoteRelief will customize the following three procedures to achieve this:

  • Setup a RemoteLink session
  • Create a PowerShell script to execute a SQL Server script.
  • Create a SQL Script.
  • Setup a schedule on RemoteLink server to run the session on server only.


Need Help?

RemoteRelief has SQL, SQL Database, and RemoteLink subject matter experts (SME), who aid clients in setting up and automating these types of processes. If you would like more information, subscribe to our tech blogs. If you are interested in a demonstration or learning more about operational data movement, RemoteLink features, automation and reporting capabilities click here to speak with an SQL SME.


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Neeraj Mehta
Author: Neeraj Mehta
Senior Database Consultant at RemoteRelief: Enthusiastic technology team player with sound business acumen of retail and point of sale processes. Plan, develop, and implement IT solutions using SQL Server to deliver best experience for end-users.

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