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Published on 1/2/20 11:10 AM

VMware Workspace One: Revolutionizing Mobile Device Management

The rapid development of mobile technology on the consumer level over the past decade has led to the rise of what is referred to as the "Bring Your Own Device" or (BYOD) processes into the workforce in order to better streamline work efficiency. This means enterprises have to comply and support all major operating systems such as Apple iOS, Mac OS, Google Android, Linux, and Microsoft/Windows.

This explosion of mobile tech has widely expanded use cases for businesses (for the better), while also bringing along more security challenges. Always considering that data can be breached exposing the enterprise(s) to countless risks stemming anywhere from its transmission, storage, or even protection mechanisms; so its crucial that a company can manage how its information gets distributed to authorized personnel only. This is where a high quality and efficient User Endpoint Management system (UEM) comes into play, giving the enterprise control over how its data and information is secured and travels through employees devices whether they be BYOD or company provided.

RemoteRelief is able to provide comprehensive UEM and managed mobility services through a platform called Workspace One from VMware.  Workspace One has been recognized by The Forrester Wave as the leader in Unified Endpoint Management for Q4 2019 based on an evaluation of 13 UEM vendors.

What is VMware Workspace ONE?

VMware is a software and infrastructure vendor headquartered in the United States. Workspace ONE is centered on UEM, but expands to include VMware’s client and application virtualization, identity and access management, and other technologies at certain license levels. VMware Workspace One was not only top ranked, but also received the highest possible score in the product roadmap, roadmap execution, and partner ecosystem criteria; as well as all of the market presence criteria (i.e., customer count, Windows 10 customer count, devices under management, and revenue).

For this reason it is RemoteRelief's platform of choice for UEM and Mobile Management solutions.

Use Case: Unmanaged Devices/BYOD Use Case

Many companies are now allowing employees to use their personal devices for streamlining work. It saves on hardware costs, instead opting for a system that allows employees to login to a central access point from their personal device to access company specific applications and information securely.

This employee-supplied use case was reported by the 2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities report. It considers the need to securely support a 'workspace' for users who do not have the same level of device management as employees with company provided devices.

VMware showed leadership over other UEM management platforms for this Use Case by delivering a simplified, easy to use employee experience through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. The Hub is a single application provided to employees to securely access other corporate apps, resources, and workflows across BYOD and corporate-owned devices.

Some Pros:

  • Employee devices can be flexibly supported with a secure workspace experience by providing just Intelligent Hub and application catalog with or without device management, or a comprehensive PIM solution or container.
  • To meet compliance requirements, the BYO device on-boarding process can be customized so users have complete visibility into the privacy details of what data is being collected and/or visible to IT, and what device permissions are being requested.
  • VMware’s Workspace ONE offering's, and the AirWatch branded technology on which it is based remain broadly recognized and requested by clients in all markets and geographies.
  • VMware’s partnership to document interoperability with Microsoft — which currently plays a pivotal role in making device compliance decisions.

Use Case: IoT Device Management

IoT devices are transforming how enterprises utilize new tech to better streamline work efforts. Today, organizations in all industries are looking to leverage data by integrating machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence's to improve operations and become more agile and efficent, as well as capture next-generation business opportunities. Remote Managing a device can be difficult especially when dealing with various network frameworks, protocols and physical or virtual interfaces. In order to ensure success of an IoT device deployment, enterprise(s) require solutions that simplify IoT complexity, and accelerate efficiency.

Workspace ONE IoT integrates access control, application management, multi-platform endpoint management and is available as a cloud service that can be used for on-premises deployment. Optimized for ease of use, this device solution is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform powered by VMware's AirWatch technology that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device. If you wish to learn more about IoT devices and endpoint management click here.

Achieving a truly simplified, single-console approach to endpoint management is the ultimate goal in UEM/device management, and when successfully deployed promises many operational benefits. Keep in mind that Gartner does advise organizations to carefully consider the feasibility of this approach based on existing infrastructure, as it is not uncommon for an enterprise(s) to arrive at an end state in which UEM solutions tools wouldn't integrate well into its existing infrastructure without a re-build.

If you would like more information about RemoteRelief's Managed Mobility Services click here to schedule a consultation with one of our MMS experts.


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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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