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Published on 3/13/17 11:00 AM

The Benefits of Working With An IT Consulting Firm

If you're purchasing a software solution through an IT consulting firm, the chances are that they're a licensed partner with the developer of the product. Many times, you'll be able to receive similar prices regardless of who you purchase software through, so there's little up-front financial benefit to choosing one over the other. The real value comes in the form of service. While customer service is important, the level of customization offered to you is what makes the real difference. 

These IT solutions are designed to grow with your business. This design means that there is an expectation that your business needs today will be different than your business needs three years from now. 

Case-In-Point: RemoteLink

Most companies who are looking for a new data movement solution already have one in place. RemoteWare and SAP Afaria are the most common systems seen in this scenario. However, platforms like Ipswitch and other free FTP solutions may also apply.

Let's look at two example companies who are purchasing the RemoteLink software. XCo Company will be switching over from RemoteWare while YCo will be switching to Remotelink from SAP Afaria.

Example A: XCo Company
XCo RemoteRelief Example Company - Icon Graphic

XCo Company decides to purchase RemoteLink to replace RemoteWare. They go online, buy the new system directly, receive the necessary licenses, and prepare for installation. To ensure that they have all the prerequisites needed for RemoteLink implementation, XCo goes online to check the Unwired RemoteLink system requirements. Now they're set to go and begin implementing their new data movement system. 

Example B: YCo Company

YCo Remote Relief Example Company - Icon GraphicYCo Company has a similar story when they decide to purchase Unwired RemoteLink to replace Afaria. They go online, buy the new system directly, receive the necessary licenses, and prepare for install. To ensure that they have all the prerequisites needed for the install, YCo goes online to check the RemoteLink system requirements. When they start their implementation, they realize that something isn't working. Upon further research, YCo finds that RemoteLink and Afaria cannot operate at the same time because they share the same backend. The shared backend makes the transition more of a manual process and requires a lot more time than expected.

Both companies went directly to RemoteLink's developer, Unwired Revolution, but here's what they missed:

XCo was able to see all the system requirements, but once they implemented RemoteLink, they experienced a much longer adjustment period to match the software with their specific business needs. Had XCo worked with an IT Consulting Firm and purchased RemoteLink through them, the firm could have informed them ahead of time about appropriate system size for the present XCo environment.

In YCo's case, the company was initially unaware that RemoteLink and Afaria cannot operate together, thus creating a much more labor intensive implementation process. If they had decided to work with an IT Consulting Firm, the firm would have known to prepare for that more intensive process and possibly even saved them some extra money by providing the RemoteLink implementation free of charge.

The value of working with an IT Consulting Firm when implementing new software solutions is in their knowledge and experience. Consultants save you time and money by being able to provide you with the best fit for your business at the absolute best price.


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Elizabeth Greenberg
Author: Elizabeth Greenberg
RemoteRelief, Inc.

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