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Published on 6/28/17 9:00 AM

RemoteWare: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

RemoteWare is already nearing the end of its natural life; the end-of-life date for this product is June 2018, less than a year from now. Taking proactive steps to make a change now ensures that your new solution is in place far before it “has” to be. When the end of product engineering was announced over two years ago, the death knell sounded for this once innovative and useful product; making the jump to a more effective solution in advance ensures you avoid downtime and have enough time to prepare your team for changes.

The end of RemoteWare means retailers and restaurants will need to move on to a more dynamic solution, which offers some significantly upgraded features and functionality. From a more streamlined setup to a database friendly architecture, RemoteLink expands on the capabilities of RemoteWare and makes it easier than ever to move operational data in the restaurant and retail setting.

What to Expect when Replacing RemoteWare With RemoteLink

RemoteLink shares scripting language and some developmental features with RemoteWare, so it will be a familiar environment for existing customers. The shared language makes it easy for users to jump from the outdated product to the new one. RemoteLink also offers a better price point and the ability to customize the working environment; you can easily scale your use as your organization grows.

A few of the improvements customers making the switch can expect include:

  • Web-based admin console improves both visibility and accessibility
  • Improved efficiency when dealing with high numbers of clients
  • Easier, more efficient scaling
  • Streamlined client installation and setup
  • Expanded script events, from file operations to process execution
  • Superior visibility and accessibility of data
  • Unlimited console users
  • Superior automation opportunities

RemoteLink has been designed with the retail and restaurant customer in mind and enhancements have been created to significantly improve user experience. RemoteLink retains all the best features of the previous version and adds features users have been asking for and that will enhance the overall user experience.

RemoteRelief has been there from the start; our team understands both the history of RemoteWare and the benefits of the new RemoteLink and is ready to help you make a smooth and seamless transition. Making the jump sooner rather than later allows you to work at your own pace and ensures your team is ready for this dynamic new data management solution.

Contact us to learn more about what you can expect from RemoteLink and how we can make the transition process smooth and hassle free for your brand.

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