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Published on 10/2/13 12:55 PM

RemoteWare 4.3 SP4 Release Notes

This release includes fixed issues and the following enhancements:

Improved stability and performance enhancements for the Server.

Optimization of Scheduler functions improves speed and performance of scheduler.

New Worklist events and options.

  • MOVE event – A new MOVE event is introduced in this Service pack that allows moving of files easily between folders. 
  • FOLDER SYNC event – This event replicates Server folder structure on the client. The Sync happens one way from Server to the client and is available for Windows and Linux clients. 
  • THROTTLE BANDWIDTH event for all client types – This event allows you to limit the bandwidth used sending data to the client to either a given rate of bits per seconds or to a given percentage. There are also other options to not limit the throughput at all or change the current throughput. These throttle values are in effect for the session or until another throttle bandwidth event is executed. 
  • Unassign event enhancements – Ability to now unassign clients from existing client groups from within a workobject.
  • Recursive option for Remove Directory – Ability to delete subfolders recursively. 
  • Recursive option for Delete files – Ability to delete files in entire directory tree recursively. 

RemoteWare Administrator – Added ability to remove orphaned Admin accounts from RemoteWare Administrator.

Enhanced Security for Execution Server – The security for Execution has been enhanced by limiting access to the named pipe used by Execution server by including a username/password credentials.

EOL of Messaging, Subscriber, Workshop, Inventory Manager, Software Manager and Client Basic Scripting.

SPX/NetBIOS protocols are no longer supported. These would now be allocated as TCPIP ports.

Log Viewer Default Views for Server Message logs now include the Username, OS code and OS message to comply with PCI standards.

The Client Kernel right-click now displays Start/Stop RW service instead of Load/Unload kernel for all client running as a service.

Interactive Session and ECFs – Xpress Transfer option in Interactive session and ECFs

The OS field in Client Profile will now have a common entry for all Windows clients instead of specific OS lists. 

New option in the Data Sources tab in Administrator to allow changing of the Database server or Database name. The Database name or Database server will need to be changed on each server/workstation in the cluster.

The maximum file size that can be transferred has been increased from 2GB to 4GB.

As of SP4, NetOp binaries and supporting files will not be a part of RemoteWare installs or downloads. NetOp can be downloaded from the Support website as a separate Install or can be obtained from Danware’s website.

Support for Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit and Server 2012 – RemoteWare now supports these operating systems on these components:

  • RemoteWare Workstation
  • RemoteWare Portable
  • RemoteWare Windows Client 

Support for SQL2008 R2SP2 and SQL2008 SP3.


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