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Published on 6/26/17 12:56 PM

RemoteLink v2.5 SP3 Now Available

RemoteLink v2.5 SP3 Now Available

Debuts Package and Multicast Add-on Components


RemoteLink v2.5 Service Pack 3 introduces several Job-centric enhancements and additions. Key features include:

  • Package Component – A separately licensed and fully-integrated component that enables the distribution and installation of MSI, EXE and ZIP file packages to Clients via a Package Job. When a Package Job executes, assigned Clients are scanned to determine if they have the designated Packages and whether the Packages have been installed. A Package Status page provides summary distribution and installation counts for defined Packages as well as the ability to drill into an individual Package for status by Client.

  • Multicast Component – A separately licensed and fully-integrated component that facilitates, via a Multicast Job, the distribution of files over a multicast network. Multicast Jobs can be scheduled and have assigned Tasks and Clients just like all other Job types. When a Multicast Job runs, assigned Clients listen for the broadcast of the Job and report back a success/fail status. Variables can be set and a unicast (Communication Server-based) Job can be triggered during the execution of a Multicast Job.

  • Server Jobs – A specific type of Job that runs solely on the Server but completes work on behalf of assigned Clients. This method is often leveraged for staging files for Clients since it does not require a connection to the Clients via the Communication Server.

  • Continuously-available Jobs – A new Job execution setting that makes a Job always available to accept inbound sessions from Clients and removes any restrictions on how frequently a Client can run the Job. Client Job records are periodically rolled-up into a single Job History record based on a defined interval in the Job’s configuration settings.

Introduced in early 2014, RemoteLink provides the ability to intelligently orchestrate the movement of key business data between corporate systems and devices in remote locations or in the field. RemoteLink is being leveraged by dozens of retail and restaurant chains as well as organizations with large field forces to efficiently collect/distribute data, manage system configurations and software, and automate related processes.


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Davis Pack
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