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Published on 9/4/19 4:36 PM

Remote Database Administrator (DBA) Consulting Services

RemoteRelief's SQL Server DBA's will remotely manage customer-designated SQL server environments to successfully store, organize, and access data for required applications. The DBA will provide expertise for SQL Server development, programming, system engineering, and data architecture and management. The DBA will analyze data management, input, and security needs, and help develop tools that support data access and information security.

The DBA will also optimize SQL queries and oversee backups and audits to ensure that application databases remain accessible, secure, and stable. The DBA will also provide on-going remote support for the application SQL databases and modify database structure per application as required. The DBA will coordinate any database modifications following any customer designated change control guidelines and conduct database troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, performance tuning, backups/restore as required by the organization.  The DBA will create documentation and reports for the applications and their respective SQL databases. The Remote DBA service strives to constantly improve the system performance and reporting when requirements have changed.

The Remote SQL Server DBA can provide the following support for on-premise or cloud-based SQL databases.

  • Monitoring and performance tuning per application requirements
  • Ensure database backups / test restores
  • Ensure secure data and database access
  • Upgrade, patch, relocate databases, data files, or objects
  • Configure High Availability, Always On configuration and setup
  • In-place upgrade SQL Server as required
  • RemoteLink and other applications related database queries to extract data or generate adhoc reports.
  • Application / Developer teams can send custom-developed SQL Scripts for deployments.
  • Provide Powershell scripting to manage and monitor databases
  • Generate the SQL database upgrade script(s) when application upgrades require existing database upgrades.
  • Support existing SQL Server monitoring tools and provide in house tools.
  • Experience supporting and upgrading applications databases for RemoteLink (Afaria & RemoteWare replacement), Micros Xstore/Xcenter/Order Broker(Locate), Relate (CRM), Epicor Coalition or other in-house applications.

Could your company use a Remote DBA? Contact RemoteRelief today to schedule a call!


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Jeff Pack
Author: Jeff Pack
President | RemoteRelief, Inc.

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