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Published on 2/7/20 3:02 PM

Zebra: Advantages for Retail Environments

Now that it's 2020, physical retail environments need to keep up with the efficiency that online retailers are able to operate in. These retail establishments need to overcome some challenges to keep customers returning such as having the ability to provide on demand inventory check for a customer, the ability to custom order or on the fly, or even the ability to provide express checkout.

In order to build profitable and engaging in-store experiences, optimizing store operations is paramount. Every store should have full control of all valued assets such as, inventory, staff, management equipment, etc. Fixed workstations can only go so far, and since we are now in the middle of a mobile device explosion, it only makes sense to utilize this tech to better streamline operations.

IoT devices, help deliver a performance advantage that strengthens the front lines of store operations with purpose-driven in-store solutions such as staff and inventory management. These devices, have reshaped productivity on the ground level of service industries from retail environments and construction, to food service/restaurant, & hospitality.

IoT (Internet of Things), is a broad term that refers to a wide variety of network enabled devices that take readings through an analog sensor (ex: barcode scanner), and transmits those readings over the network.

Retailers specifically are using IoT technology to enhance customer experience, reduce costs, drive growth, and improve overall performance. A mid sized retail enterprise can have anywhere from a few devices, to upwards of 50+ and over 100+ devices for larger retailers. This is where having the ability to manage each one of these devices is crucial, otherwise the entire system will eventually fall apart.

Zebra devices in particular have taken over as the dominant front line brand IoT device with the main goal of better streamlining productivity by leveraging a myriad of software and analytics that increase productivity with ease.

Many large and small brand retailers have already deployed Zebra devices directly to the floor of operations in the hands of all employees. This allows employees to assist customers in a much more efficient way, whilst also making day to day operations more manageable, allowing more to be accomplished and tracked with ease.

Where things start to get cumbersome is when it comes to keeping track, managing, and securing all those devices. It's no surprise that whenever a company decides to implement IoT devices or any device that shares information over a network, that transmission of data puts the enterprise at risk of breach.

Security risks posed by IoT devices drive the need for a UEM (User Endpoint Management) solution. If an enterprise doesn't have a UEM solution in place they wont have knowledge of all devices that are online in their environment, and/or how many, if any, devices may have been compromised.

RemoteRelief offers User Endpoint and Managed Mobility solutions for enterprises in need of device management. These solutions are based around a series of appliances & applications that include:

  • Systems Management: Streamlines asset management and security.
  • Systems Deployment: Provides initial provisions and ongoing administration of master system images and updates.
  • Asset Management: Provides comprehensive hardware & software inventory management across a variety of operating systems.
  • Mobile Application: Provides a simple and efficient workflow for employees to access company specific or confidential applications and data.
  • Web based Mobile Device Management: A web based solution provides a comprehensive view of traditional and mobile devices from any authorized access-point.

When considering the implementation of an IoT deployment its very critical to keep in mind the importance of a unified endpoint management system. Zebra devices are a fantastic way to to get increased productivity, enhance the customer customer experience, and get a leg up on daily operational functions. If you feel that this is a path you wish to pursue for your company and/or would like to speak with one of RemoteRelief's qualified UEM subject matter experts for further information click here.



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Bryan Afonso
Author: Bryan Afonso
Marketing Coordinator at Remote Relief inc. Combining my skills and experiences that began in retail environments then shifting to handheld mobile device testing enables me to convey IT and Mobile Device Management solutions and information.

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