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Published on 2/7/17 11:03 AM

The Advantages of Switching from RemoteWare to RemoteLink

As retail businesses grow and begin to scale, data automation and data monitoring become two necessary tools that facilitate a seamless growth process. Initially, RemoteWare was the solution and it continued to provide the core data capabilities needed to manage an organization with multiple locations and a growing customer base. However, in 2014 it was announced that SAP would be ending the product engineering of RemoteWare. This meant that as of 2014, RemoteWare would no longer grow, evolve, or improve to fit the needs of the ever-growing population of businesses who had been relying on RemoteWare every day.

It's important to recognize the foundation that SAP and RemoteWare laid for the future of data automation and monitoring. Today, RemoteLink has picked up where they left off, and it has continued to grow ever since.

With environments as large as those that use these systems, change may be a difficult concept to swallow. Common questions about switching from RemoteWare to RemoteLink may include;

  • Do we have to start from scratch?
  • What happens to all my data?
  • Why should I even bother switching if I don't have any problems now? 

The great thing about RemoteLink is the ability to seamlessly transfer your data from RemoteWare. Due to RemoteWare's licensing model, growth is costly. While the ability to scale cost-effectively is one of the main benefits RemoteLink offers businesses, there are many functionality and cost benefits experienced as well. 

Functionality Benefits of RemoteLink

"All data rides in a database" 

With RemoteWare, only logs and scheduler data is able to be stored in a database, while information like clients, sessions, and work objects are stored in proprietary files specific to each location. Learning from this, RemoteLink is designed to inlcude all data in a database in order to significantly improve data visibility and accessibility. It even goes a step further and provides a web-based admin console that makes it easier to see and react to clients that have not completed work, with no limit to the number of console users. 

To top it off, RemoteLink also supports concurrent connections from the same client, which solves the issue of blocked sessions that users experienced with RemoteWare. 

Easy Data Migration

Since RemoteLink leverages the same, powerful scripting language as RemoteWare, it makes the process of migrating data from one system to the other both straightforward and seamless.

RemoteLink also supports integration with external tools and systems, making the possibilities endless.  

Cost Benefits of RemoteLink

By providing a modernized architecture that enables enhanced capabilities and includes performance improvements, RemoteLink offers a wholistic solution at a significantly lower costs.


With RemoteWare, there is one cost for both front-end and back-end systems. Because of this, the cost to add one additional cash register in a store is the same as purchasing an additional store server system. RemoteLink offers appropriate pricing options ensuring that your store server and point of sale systems don't come with the same price tag. 

RemoteLink is designed to meet the data delivery needs of retail organizations today, and for years to come. It is created as a solution for you, and will evolve and grow with your busienss to help you achieve ultimate success.



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Elizabeth Greenberg
Author: Elizabeth Greenberg
RemoteRelief, Inc.

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